From March through to the end of the season the club organises ride outs and trips to the BSB and WSB and most endurance races at home and abroad. All the dates are listed on the web site calendar.

Any rider who has travelled to Europe to a race meeting  will remember the magic atmosphere at the circuit and the great buzz of the ride there. Over the last couple of years we have obtained a good following when going abroad, which we hope will increase.

The club will take care of all the details including booking the hotel, ferry and transport your luggage to and from the venue. Certain trips that we cover are camping, and these always turn out to be very popular.

Included in the price of the camping trips is the  transport of your tent and luggage, cooked meals for the weekend and your beer. (NOT SPIRITS)

The club always puts on quite a party when we camp with  the help of our marquee, barbecue, music and satellite TV in case you prefer to  stay and have a drink and still watch the race live.

If you would like to join us on any trips or you have  any queries about ride outs then give us a call.

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